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On Friday April 28, we were notified that David will be serving his prison sentence at Lompoc Federal Prison Camp in Lompoc, California. This is not what we had requested and we were shocked that he is being placed over 800 miles from home. We had been told that the Bureau of Prisons usually grants a request for placement at a specific institution about 90% of the time. They do not tell you what reason is behind the decision to send someone to a different location. The closest federal prison is in Sheridan, Oregon, which happens to be my home town, so we had requested that David be sent to Sheridan. It was confusing and upsetting that our request was denied. We have prayed for the best location for David since he received his sentence of 28 months, so I have to believe that Lompoc must be the best location.

We had planned for the children and I to move to Sheridan if David was going to be in prison there. Since it’s my hometown, I have many friends, family, and a church that are committed to supporting us. Several of my high school friends’ parents worked at the prison in Sheridan, and I felt like I had more reassurance that my husband was going to be well cared for and no harm would come to him if he was at Sheridan. Now that he has been designated to Lompoc, the Lord is reminding me to trust in Him and not in my friends who work at the prison in Sheridan. I have been and am still at times terrified for my husband’s safety. If you recall, we were in a terrible accident on June 29, 2020. David was nearly killed in the accident and he received a traumatic brain injury which still gives him problems. Some of the issues he has are severe, debilitating headaches, fatigue, memory loss, and light sensitivity. We have been told by multiple medical professionals that if he is ever hit in the head again, he could die or have permanent brain damage. The parole office has all of David’s medical information, the judge had all of his medical information, the bureau of prisons has all of David’s medical information, and yet they still insist that he go to federal prison.

The children and I are planning to stay in Idaho because we have no connections at all in Lompoc California and the cost of living is considerably more than it is in Idaho. We also have a lot of community support in Idaho which is going to be vital during this extremely difficult time. It seems like nothing we have planned in past few years has happened as we thought it would. Lompoc is 893 miles from our house according to Google. This means that visiting David while he is incarcerated is going to be challenging. I know that the Lord is with us, and I pray that He will enable us to stay connected even through the distance and incarceration.

Since David was sentenced, I have joined several online groups for families of prisoners. Many people with loved ones in federal prison talk about how difficult it is for their family member to receive medical care while incarcerated. One person was recently asking for help because her brother had been denied medical care which eventually resulted in him dying of a heart attack. There were over 15 documented requests for medical care over several months, but his requests were continually denied and then he died. I know that I must keep my focus on the Lord! I will literally go insane if I do not keep praising God for His faithfulness and goodness! But it is disgusting and terrifying that my husband is being sent to a place that has so little regard for human life. It is disgusting and terrifying that any prisoner can be treated this way. I know that God is in control! Please, please pray for my husband’s safety! And please work for prison reforms and justice reforms! Prayer is the most powerful thing that we can do, but we must also put action behind our prayers! One simple way to advocate for prison reform is to ask politicians to visit a prison. Local and federal politicians make many laws about what happens in prisons, yet most of them have never actually visited a prison. Please write to your state and federal law makers and ask them to visit a prison.

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

2 Corinthians 3:17

Unfortunately, since people in America have rejected God and have chosen to go their own way instead of following God’s best plan for their lives, the United States of America is no longer the most free nation in the world. In fact, we are not even in the top 10 countries for freedom on any of the scales listed on Google. While this is cause for great concern, we must not blame one group or another. This problem is not going to be solved by blaming and dehumanizing groups of people. This problem is only going to be solved if we humble ourselves, turn from our sin, and pray for the Lord to heal our land! Please join me in praying for David, our family, and for our nation!

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  1. Connie Garcia

    I’m continually praying for David and you and the children. My heart aches for you all and I’m saddened for the lack of empathy our government showed you, for the corrupt government that is. God is good and His promises are always met…keep your eyes on Him even when you can’t see your way. Believe your love will be taken care of by the angels God Himself will send to care for him. Just like Elijah in the desert. Like the many others in history God guided through troubled times. You are not alone….I’ll be praying, and if you need hugs…I can give you as many as you need. Love you all so much! ❤🙏👑👆

  2. Emily

    Does David have an inmate id# yet so he can receive letters and money put on his books?

    1. Gwendolyn Stone

      Yes, you can see how to send letters at Contact.

  3. Arlene Robinett

    Praying very very very hard for David and all of you, the family and that David will be safe and away from harm. That God will watch over Him all the time. And also over all of you as well. I pray everyone has a deep deep deep faith that all will go well. Sooo sorry this happened in the 1st. Place. He can be a witness to the people by how he acts and talks to others there. God loves all of you very very very very much! I love all of you very very very much! Jesus will keep David in the palm of His hand and be with Him all the time. ❤❤❤

  4. Joanne Warren

    So sorry this has happened to your family! We are praying for you all and for David’s safety! God is faithful and you are such a good witness of that!
    Love and hugs

  5. L. Sutherland

    Praying for all of you. Thank you for all the things you are teaching us – things I know you never planned to learn. God is working through all of this and bringing many blessings.

  6. L. Sutherland

    My computer screen-saver goes through a collection of whatever photos are saved to a certain part of the picture section. And that section is packed with photos of your family! I copied them from Facebook to share with my church family from just before you headed to Romania and the whole time you were gone. I have photos there from a lot of my friends and God just filled me with love and a magnificent awareness of His blessing on my life and that of my friends as I watched those pictures switch out last night.

    Its happening again right now because I have two computers open. On the other computer your pictures from Romania are mixed with pictures of Highland cattle in Weiser and one of my granddaughters! Now I’m seeing pictures of your kids working at the church camp in Romania. Then Timothy was napping on a bed and David was driving past fields of yellow flowers. It’s beautiful – it is God showing me that He hasn’t forgotten any of us and He is with us all still, working beauty and joy into every moment we allow Him the freedom to bless.

    I just love our Father and His awesome ability to show us His presence and love.

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