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Prison Wisdom

Cone of Shame on a person

These are some comics I made while in prison. The daily wisdom was written on a whiteboard by other inmates and I came up with illustrations for them. It was a fun diversión. They were on the whiteboard in class room that was used for tutoring GED students but other inmates would swing by to see if I had a new illustration.

Dumb Politician

This is something that politicians actually said when they adjusted the date of daylight saving time around 2006.

A man of small words

Of course these are not exactly what I drew on the whiteboard. I re-did them on paper then mailed it to my family. I’ve scanned them here for you to enjoy.

Never judge a book its cover

The felons among us are those you least expect.

I beat Facebook

This one is based on real events. I did get tothe end of my news feed several years ago and ever since that day I stopped using Facebook regularly.

That’s all for now. More to follow later.

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  1. Selam

    I love “I guess you’ll have to read it!”

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